Wine tours in Tuscany

Wine tours in Tuscany 

Tuscany is one of the most fascinating regions in Italy, not only for its impressive wines but also for its cities filled with art, its unique museum heritage, its villages with winding streets and magnificent landscapes, and medieval castles surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Most importantly, for over three centuries, Tuscany, the birthplace of Chianti, has been one of Italy's most important wine regions. Follow this guide to delve deeper into the routes you certainly cannot miss, filled with the most appreciated wines in the world.


What to see in the wine region of Tuscany

The wine tour in Tuscany winds through some remarkable landscapes, including those of Chianti, Italy, made up of hills, woods, medieval villages, and even the ocean. It is a unique scenery that fascinates all those who come to discover the great variety of wines and wine cities in Italy that only Tuscany can offer.


The Chiantigiana (or the SR 222) is the road connecting two magnificent Italian cities, Florence and Siena. It is also known as one of the longest routes in Italy, with kilometers and kilometers of pure joy behind the wheel, passing through hectares of vineyards that have given life to a series of incredible wines. Depending on where in the region you decide to start your incredible journey through the wine roads, the path can change. However, the best wine tour in Tuscany includes eight wine routes you absolutely cannot miss. To make this magical journey easy, let's discover together the ideal route that will take you to the most beautiful and unique roads with this simple guide. We start from the splendid city of Florence, where the Renaissance and breathtaking art culture were born, and then we will finish here again.


 1. Chianti Rufina and Pomino wine tours

Moving east of Florence, you will find a charming village called Rufina, located at the foot of the Apennines. Interestingly, this is known as the smallest subregion of Chianti, where you will be able to experience the wonders of our estates in the historic Castello Nipozzano. Due to the altitude of this prestigious location, the climate is cool in summer, which thusly leads to elegant and long-aging wines. In fact, Chianti Rufina Riserva ages for a minimum of six months in wooden barrels. This Chianti region is considered to be the one that produces some of the best wines in Tuscany. This road is additionally the oldest in Italy and extends from the northeast of Florence to the final stretch of the Val di Sieve.


2. Nobile di Montepulciano wine tour

Moving further south, you will arrive in Montepulciano, where you will be able to appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes in Italy. The origins of the Noble wine of Montepulciano are ancient and inextricably linked to the town's history. An evident sign of the high quality that characterizes its production is that in the second half of the 1700s, the Montepulciano wine was given the mention of noble; therefore, this Tuscan wine route is widely known as the noble wine road.


3. Maremma wine tour

Continuing towards the south, we reach the Maremma wine road. You will be warmed by the sun and fascinated by the heart of this region, the place where our fabulous Tenuta Ammiraglia is located. This Tuscan wine region has one of the longest roads in Italy, which happens to encompass beautiful and versatile landscapes with rich historical features. Furthermore, Maremma is most famous for its marvellous Vermentino; therefore, the local food and wine protagonists include the legendary DOC white wines with lively flavours.


4. Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine tour

We can find the Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine route by jumping into another century and driving toward the north. This path is particularly unique and is also lined with colourful saffron fields. The wine route gives life to a wonderfully aromatic white wine, dry, that is entirely unique to the area, dating back to the Middle Ages. Finish your drive with a walk around the beautiful location, with its unmistakable "medieval skyline."


5. Etruscan Coast wine tour

The Etruscan Coast wine route winds its way between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the hills that overlook it, from the Island of Elba to Montescudaio in the province of Pisa. This path was created by young wine producers who believed in the potential of their territory. It is unique because it stretches between lively forests and hills on one side and the sea on the other. Amid small farms, ancient churches, and medieval castles, you will find the most beautiful estates in Tuscany, which encompass a magnificent and welcoming environment.


6. Chianti wine tour - Pisan Hills

At this point, we have arrived in the northwest, not so far from the initial Chianti region of Italy. With the intention of returning to Florence, the Chianti Colline Pisane road is located on awestriking hills near Pisa, which are slightly lower than the other Chianti hills. They also happen to be very close to the Mediterranean Sea, causing the climate to be milder and drier. As a result, this Chianti region's wines are light in body and colour, with notes of wild berries and violets.


7. Chianti Classico wine tour - Florentine Hills

This guide takes us to the Florentine Hills, the hills surrounding Florence towards the south, in the heart of the Chianti Classico. This land is extraordinarily suitable for growing grapes and the location of our wonderful Tenuta Perano, a magical place with an ideal terroir for Sangiovese. The wines here are light, fruity, and relaxed, to be consumed young. Usually, these wines served in the typical taverns of the city are often underestimated, but once you experience a proper wine tasting, they will leave you pleasantly surprised.


8. Montespertoli wine tour

Finally, we end our incredible journey in Montespertoli. Interestingly, this is the youngest of the eight Chianti Tuscany regions. Established in 1997, this particular wine route was once considered part of the Florentine Hills and is now located just west of the hills around the town of Montespertoli. In addition, on the rolling hills of the Val di Pesa stands our beautiful Tenuta Castiglioni, the original centre of the Frescobaldi Family wine production.


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