The beauty of estates in Tuscany: Tenuta Perano and Castello Nipozzano

Uncontaminated nature, places with centuries of history to tell, superb wine and gastronomic offerings: we are talking about the Tuscan estates. Many of the wines most known and appreciated both nationally and abroad come from Tuscan estates, places that seem to exist in another time.


Tuscan wineries to visit

Visiting Tuscan estates is an all-around experience. You can discover not only wines and fantastic places, but also the special character of the territory. In fact, the territory plays a key role in wine production. Depending on its properties, each wine has a different character and contributes to the wide range offered, able to satisfy any palate. Lamberto Frescobaldi, president of Marchesi Frescobaldi, is strongly convinced of this, and in a recent interview, he reiterated the importance of the family estates, whose development allows the uniqueness of the wines to be best expressed. For him, it is the place that plays a crucial role in transforming the grapes into a unique product in identity and flavour. Each estate, in fact, is treated differently to best respect its vineyards and its identity. Among the Frescobaldi family’s Tuscan estates are the Tenuta Castiglioni, Gorgona, Tenuta Castelgiocondo, Tenuta Amiraglia, Tenuta Perano, Rèmole, Castello Pomino and Castello Nipozzano. But how does the territory affect the winery’s offering? We will try to explain by presenting two of the places that most represent the Frescobaldi Family’s activity.

Tenuta Perano


Tenuta Perano is located in a unique place that comes to mind when speaking of a Tuscan wine cellar or a winery: Chianti Classico. It is located in the municipality of Gaiole, in the province of Siena, and occupies more than 250 hectares. Its form is a true, natural amphitheatre with exposure to the southwest, which allows the estate to enjoy warmth and light. Other characteristics that make this place unique are the altitude between 400 and 500 meters, the steep slopes, and the high stone content of the soil. Together with the continental climate, these conditions are perfect for wines such as Sangiovese. Among the most popular wines from the estate are undoubtedly the Rialzi, the Tenuta Perano, and the Tenuta Perano Riserva. Certainly, to be counted among the most beautiful Tuscan estates, we recommend that you should not miss the opportunity to visit and eat in the excellent Osteria Perano. 


Castello Nipozzano


Castello Nipozzano is certainly a place that must be visited by those who love castle estates. This beautiful stronghold, dating from the year 1000, is located in the hills of the Chianti Rufina territory in the province of Florence. The territory and its uniqueness here as well affect the production of wines. Some clues about Nipozzano come from the name itself. According to popular tradition, Nipozzano means “without a well,” testimony to a scarcity of water that made and still makes the area perfect for the cultivation of vines. A historical episode played a crucial role in developing its character: in 1855, a Frescobaldi ancestor invested 1000 florins and started growing varieties there that were then unknown in Tuscany, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot. The cultivation of these vineyards was to lead, a century later, to the production of the most important and well-known wine from the estate: the Mormoreto.  Today, visitors and lovers of good wine can do many things at Castello Nipozzano. Truly not to be missed is a visit to one of the most fascinating wine cellars in Chianti, where the private collections of the Frescobaldi family are also kept. Between one tasting and another, there is also the possibility to stay in one of the four elegant rooms in the castle for an even more complete and flavourful experience.

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